Advantages of metal shrapnel

In fact, metal shrapnels are also called Guozi tablets, which are used in electronic products. Because it is a bit like a button on clothes, some people call it a "button switch." The general raw material for metal shrapnel is 301 stainless steel. And foreign countries use 304 stainless steel as raw materials.

The flexibility of metal shrapnel is very good, mainly reflected in strength, size and shape. These three parameters can be changed according to the requirements of the product. (Change also has a limit).

The metal shrapnel has stability, its rebound strength, and excellent conductivity, which is reflected in the relatively low probability of failure in electronic key products. Because of its good rebound strength, it is applied to key switches of electronic products.

Metal shrapnel is very durable, and stainless steel products are difficult to damage in principle, and surface treatment is used for longer service life of the workpiece.

The obviousness of metal shrapnel parameters: such as life, strength, pressure resistance, even temperature resistance, cold resistance, etc., these parameters can be detected by testing equipment. It can also be designed according to the needs of the product. Of course, the better the performance, the more expensive the price. Therefore, customers are based on the actual needs of the product, and will not exceed it. For example, the estimated life of an electronic button product is ten years, even if it is boring within ten years. It is impossible to press more than 300,000 times for many times, so it is enough to choose a metal shrapnel of 500,000 times.

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