Custom Stamping Electrical Brass Copper Silver Stainless Steel Electric Battery Spring Contact

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Simple structure and small size. Low material consumption, low cost, suitable for compact design
  • Multi-point contact, high concentration force, lossless contact, good electrical conductivity, high electrical and thermal stability
  • The contact pressure of each contact point is not high, and it has good wear resistance
  • The unique structure allows a large tolerance on the contact surface, and has a large adaptability to processing errors and assembly,
  • Non-standard customization, according to needs: structure, size, tolerance.

Product Details

  1. The contact point of the battery spring is made of brass, silver, and stainless steel, which supports non-standard customization.

 2.The working principle is that the battery spring on the conductive film is squeezed, and the center point of the spring can contact the PCB board to form a circuit. Make the current on the battery go where it is needed to drive the device.

3. Using aluminum, stainless steel, SPCC iron, SGCC and other materials

4. Processing methods of laser cutting, deburring, bending, welding, riveting, printing and assembly

5. Surface treatment process: powder coating, sand blasting, anodizing, cleaning, degreasing, electroplating

6. Quality Control Quality inspection before shipment

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