Factory direct supply of medical endoscope metal parts CNC lathe parts equipment equipment precision hardware parts processing

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medical endoscope / CNC lathe parts. / Hardware parts processing

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The conversion rate of raw materials increased steadily
  • Stable quality and good interchangeability
  • Stable heat treatment process, balance of cold and heat
  • Strong hardness and high precision
  • Rigorous process, convenient processing, non-standard customization

Product Details

  1. Strictly control the quality details and provide you with cost-effective precision parts

  2. Products are widely used in: aerospace, medical, military, auto parts, semiconductors, new energy, ships, etc.bb0aba30629074844a322db03cf021f.jpg

Dongguan Daxing Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.

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Telephone: +86 13691733589/ +86 13202810532

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