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Metal stamping / Metal stamping pendant / accessories

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Non-standard customization, according to needs: structure, size, tolerance.
  • Has high hardness and support.
  • Excellent surface appearance, no discoloration and no fading
  • The surface can be printed with different patterns according to customer requirements
  • Environmentally friendly electroplating, free of nickel and cadmium, harmless to health

Product Details

Metal: High quality solid material, smooth and shiny surface, durable and thick

Size measurement: Customize different sizes according to customer needs

Protective film: There is a protective peelable film on the surface to prevent scratches during transportation. Easy to disassemble and ready for stamping

Washer stamped blanks, perfect for your jewelry and craft projects

EASY TO USE: Ideal for hand stamping personalized jewelry such as tokens, keepsakes, badges, add-ons, pendants, necklaces, charms, bracelets, dog tags and custom key chains


Dongguan Daxing Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.

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Telephone: +86 13691733589/ +86 18820917426

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